Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

I just so surprised when I got a package — a huge package to be exact, this morning. It’s actually bigger and wider than me and I can’t fully extract or even squeeze out from my mind what possibly the inside of the said package.

Large Package

With my excitement, I didn’t wait a second to stay the package unboxed, so I immediately grabbed and opened it then. To my surprise, indeed a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for 2014 for me, a complete sound system for our audio visual room with a pmp4000 from guitar center.

See? It’s one of the things I didn’t expect to receive this year. So now, I could tell that our dream audio and visual room will be realized after months of planning and deciding of what and how to begin composing for our home.

Sound System

Just then and then, I installed the new sound system, but when I turned it on, it suddenly woke me up from my deepest sleep. I then just realized everything were just a dream yet. But it’s not something I could lament for since I know myself that sooner or later, my dream audio visual room will then be realized.

Though it was not the perfect Valentine’s Day gift yet, but at least the perfect Valentine’s day dream. LOL!

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Healing Power of Silver

All these years I thought that jewelries are just meant to complete our fashion sense or outfit of the day, not until I have read somewhere that majority of the metals we have the healing power and helps improve our health.

Don’t you know ladies that if you wear jewelries like for example silvers from Williams Jewelers, you will enjoy a calmed nerves if wearing it on your neck. If you want to constantly energize your heart, wearing a silver jewelry on your left little finger will do the job. On the other hand, if you want to remove excess energy you have, just wear a silver jewelry on your ring finger either on your right or left hand.

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LOVE Month 2014 is coming!

I didn’t notice how time flies really fast that, in fact, in just a sleep from now, the love month, February 2014 will set in.

Love Month 2014

What, by the way, to do this Love Month? How should I celebrate this then?

I personally don’t have any ideas on what and how to do, to make February 2014 a memorable sweet one. I got my own family now but we are far from M. M is not here at home and even my family — my mom, dad and siblings are not here also. So I guess, I will just make the best of the time together with my baby then.

Have a happy and enjoyable love month celebration ahead guys!

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Happy 57th Birthday Mom!

It’s my mom’s birthday today! Shes on her 57th year now but still oozing with sexiness and beauty inside and out.

57th Birthday

I don’t know what to say more for mom because I am pretty sure that I have already said what I wanted to say for her. But there’s one thing I want her to hear each and every day from me, from my family — that I, we love you mom always and thankful enough for bringing me up to this world with your loving arms and golden hearts.

Please don’t cry if you happen to read this because this isn’t the climax yet. There are still more to come which are more teary than this. LOL!

Happy 57th birthday ma!!! Mwuah! Mwuah!

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Family of Music Lovers

We are a family of music lovers. I do a little singing while hubby plays the guitar. As a result, all of our kids are into music. In fact they already showed interest in playing the guitar. They ask their dad to teach them how to play the guitar but their time conflicts. Hubby bought them a keyboard already and they are using it while watching tutorials online. Other than keyboards and guitars we also want them to play other instruments not only the string instruments but the wind instruments too. Flute or a trumpet maybe is a good start.

So then I started to look for trumpets and found out the bach stradivarius is a good kind. It has a mouthpiece and bells that has fast tapers making it able to produce warm tones. Other than fast tapers, it also has slow tapers that helps produce bright sound.

Guest post from ZsaZsa

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